The Benefits of an Updated Thermostat

Man's hand adjusting thermostat to 74º

If you find yourself constantly adjusting the thermostat in your home, it may be time to upgrade. A new thermostat can make all the difference when regulating temperature, energy efficiency, and convenience. Let’s look at why installing a new thermostat is an essential investment for your home.


What Are The Benefits of A New Thermostat?


Older thermostats are less accurate than newer models when sensing the temperature in your home. This means they may take longer to reach the desired temperature, or they may never get there at all. Newer models have improved accuracy and are better equipped to understand the climate in each room of your house. That way, you can rest assured that each room will be comfortable without worrying about losing energy efficiency with an inefficient model.

Plus, some newer models allow users to set a schedule for heating and cooling their homes, so you’ll always come home to a comfortable environment no matter the time of day.


Modern thermostats use sophisticated algorithms to program temperatures based on the weather outside and other factors, like when people are home or away for extended periods. This helps reduce energy waste because the system will only run when you are home or outdoor temperatures require heating or cooling indoors.

Plus, many modern thermostats come with a feature that allows users to track their energy usage over time to monitor their overall consumption and adjust as needed.


Modern thermostats also offer several connectivity options, such as a WiFi connection to control the temperature from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. You can even set up alerts so you know if something isn’t working correctly. For instance, if the temperature drops below a certain point or there is a power outage, you can take action immediately!

Even if you’re away on vacation, you can rest easy knowing that your thermostat has everything covered at home. Plus, some offer voice command capabilities, so you don’t have to pick up your phone!


New Thermostats Help Save Money!

Upgrading your thermostat offers numerous benefits for homeowners looking for increased comfort and energy efficiency. Newer models provide improved accuracy in sensing temperatures throughout different rooms in a house while connecting with devices like smartphones or tablets, allowing users easy access wherever they may be located!

Investing in an updated model will pay off in terms of comfort, convenience, and cost savings down the road!

If your thermostat is outdated, our experts at Drucks Plumbing & Heating can provide you with an upgrade! Contact us online or give us a call to schedule an appointment at 920–722–2642.

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