Testimonials and Reviews From Our Customers

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Drucks Sudden Service has been providing home comfort to the Outagamie and Winnebago counties since 1947. Specializing in plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical services, Drucks is your one stop shop for all your home needs. Our polite and professional staff is committed to excellence and giving our customers the highest quality of work.

 Read our most recent reviews of what some of our happy customers have to say:

"Generally, we have always had a positive experience with Drucks. Otherwise we wouldn't keep coming back to you!"

Happy Customer from Neenah 2.1.2017

"They did such a great job! Everything was cleaned up and it looked like they were never here. They kept us informed the entire way through and our water heater is working great. We were even able to be put on the schedule earlier than we expected!"

Happy Customer from Appleton 2.1.2017

"The job was done quickly and correctly. I've been a customer of your for a long time and the service was exactly as I excected- which is great!"

Happy Customer from Greenville 1.11.2017

 "Absolutely perfect! I just call and you show up, no problems. The guys are always competent, professional, and knowledgeable. You are always the first ones I call!"

Happy Customer from Menasha 11.24.2016

"Service was wonderful! I need a T-shirt that says, 'I love Drucks!'"

Happy Customer from Oshkosh 11.4.16

"He's a great guy, real nice and knowledgable. We really appreciated him coming on such short notice to address our issue."

Happy Customer from Greenville 7.21.16

"He was just amazing! I loved working with him, just so easy going and wonderful. Thank you for the great service."

Happy Customer from Appleton 7.14.16


"Everything seems to be working good, very easy process. The people were friendly from the person who answered the phone to the guy who was out at the house."

Happy Customer from Appleton 7.7.16

"He was very, very nice to work with, and he didn't think I did anything wrong or put something down the toilet that may have broken it. He was just so very understanding."

Happy Customer from Oshkosh 7.1.16

"Everything is perfect. In fact I called this morning to schedule Kevin again. Everything was perfect. They arrived when they should have, and were polite and clean and cleaned up after themselves. Did an outstanding job, no complaints. 

Happy Customer from Oshkosh 6.24.16

 "They are working great. I have lights in places I haven't had in years. I keep opening the closet and remembering that I can actually see in it now"

Happy Customer from Appleton 3.28.16

"We had a lot of rain lately and the sump pump has been working wonderful. It is amazing...if I wouldn’t have gone downstairs and saw what the sump pump was doing, I wouldn’t have known something was wrong. The good thing about Drucks was that the service was so quick. Within a half hour a guy was here. I haven’t had an occasion to use Drucks in a few years, but I had the magnetic clip on the fridge. If I ever need anything I know who to call"

Happy Customer from Winneconne on 3.17.16

"Doug and Kevin did a REAL GOOD JOB! Both buys are real good. I'm really enjoying this fireplace" (Drucks ran the gas line.)

Happy Customer from Oskosh on 3.17.16

"At 9:30 in evening, I noticed a problem with water heater; water was gushing out of it. I didn't know how to turn the water off. I called Drucks and the person on the phone connected me with a plumber who walked me through shutting off the water heater, which was super helpful and amazing. The same individual who was the one who came out the next day and took out the water heater and installed the new one. When I mentioned another problem that we had, he worked it out so he could take care of that in the same visit. So I give Drucks high scores on customer service and workmanship. Thank you."

Happy Customer from Neenah on 2.17.16

"Everything is working terrific. You guys always do a terrific job and that is why I always go to you guys for everything. The other day, my neighbor had 3 trucks at her house! And yesterday the neighbor across the street had a heating truck at her house, and I thought,”I will always use Drucks.” The four trades in one makes it easier and I know I can trust you. Thank you."

Happy Customer from Oshkosh on 2.4.16

"I had the same heating guy from Drucks for the past couple of years and he is just always awesome. I really like how he works and explains things. Thanks."

Happy Customer from Appleton on  1.25.16

"The water heater is working fine. The temperature wasn't the best but my husband turned it down and now it is working better. But what is more important is the plumber who was here discovered a different problem. We had a CO leak. We ended up having the chimney lining replaced. The chimney guy was going to call and say that it was a great catch. The plumber saved our lives."

Happy Customer from Oshksoh on 1.15.16

"Everything is working just fine now. I really want to give lots of kudos to Curt! He was very knowledgeable and willing to work with me. I had a very positive experience."

Happy Customer from Appleton on 1.11.16

"It appears all is well. No leaks, no frustrations. The plumber far exceeded my expectations. He was knowledgeable, friendly, conversational, and efficient. This is why we keep coming back to Drucks."

Happy Customer from Neenah on 12.31.15

"It went well. The situation was that I was selling the house and the home inspector noted work that needed to be done before I could sell. Now with the work done and the house sold, the buyers are happy and I haven’t heard about any problems. With the house I live in now, the electrician said I would need some work done to this panel if I ever wanted to sell the house so we are in the process of needing to get that done. Overall, he does a good job."

Happy Customer from Appleton on 12.28.15


"Everything is working fine. I am satisfied with the job done. It was a reasonable amount of time come out. There was a slight delay because of the previous job but that didn’t cause us any problems. There wasn’t much explanation needed for this job, but any other time you guys come over, especially electrical, everybody does a god job explaining things. I’ve been a customer of Drucks since 1991."

Happy Customer from Appleton on 12.28.15

"Everything is working good now; no problems whatsoever. The process was outstanding like always. The plumber was responsive, did a nice job, and gave honest prices."

Happy Customer from Menasha on 12.23.15


"Everything is working wonderfully since you left. I’m pleased with how the whole process went. The gentleman who I initially talked to, Troy, was great on the phone with me that evening. Each time he was here, he was pleasant and knowledgeable. Thank you for the service you provided us."

Happy Customer from Oshkosh on 12.23.15

"It is working great. I can’t say enough nice things. Hats off to Kevin and the crew. They worked very hard, especially that first day. It was that Monday where it rained really hard. They also had a problem with the city inspector with something not going right and they worked hard to get the lights back on for us. So I can’t say enough nice things. Thanks."

Happy Customer from Neenah on 12.15.16

"I wanted to call and compliment the technician. He was very nice, polite, and respectful. I was impressed with his deductive reasoning to try and fix these difficult problems. Drucks always does a really good job."

Happy Customer from Appleton on 12.4.15

"The furnace is working great, even with this cold weather. I am really happy with the work & the service was wonderful. Everything was perfect. Thank you."

HappyCustomer from Neenah on 12.3.15


"Everything is perfect. Your guy was great, no problems. Got here when he said he would and got right to work."

Happy Customer from Oshkosh on 11.24.15


"Everything is fine now; he did a very nice job. I'm retired now and I did a lot of hiring and firing in my day and I'll tell you, this gentleman was good; came when supped to, did a good job, and pleasant to deal with. This is an older home and I'm sure there is more we'll need done. I will not hesitate to call."

Happy Customer from Oshkosh on 11.19.15

"Everything is working great. The process was fine, in fact he was here earlier than anticipated. He was friendly and personable. He did a good job and I appreciate it. We have an old boiler and usually we have to replace a part or two each year and he was able to replace the part from what he had in stock on his truck."

Happy Customer from Appleton on 11.19.15

"GREAT JOB! I wanted to let you know right away that he was a wonderful guy, very honest and professional. I really appreciate his work. Thank you!"

Happy Customer from Oshkosh on 11.16.15

"He did such a great job. I always appreciate his work, efficiency, and professionalism."

Happy Customer from Menasha on 11.11.15

"The guy who came out was very nice. I actually called four other plumber that day because I was going out of town soon. You guys were the only ones able to come out and help me that day. I appreciate it."

Happy Customer from Neenah on 10.9.15

"Everything went as planned. They showed up on time; I didn't have to wait around. The service was good, they were friendly, and it was completed on time."

Happy Customer from Neenah on 10.7.15

" That guy that was here was OUTSTANDING! He did an excellent job, cleaned out some soot, and now our detector doesn't go off anymore. Thank you so much."

Happy Customer from Oshkosh on 10.5.15

"It is all working perfect. Very happy! Troy fixed the toilet and the other plumber had to cut away into the title to fix the leak and he cut it so perfectly so it was easy to patch up. I couldn't be happier. Whenever I call Drucks, I know someone is going to be able to help me in no time and the service will be excellent. I'm never waiting long and if so, never past an unreasonable time. The plumbers were able to answer all my questions and then some so I knew exactly what was happening the whole time."

Happy Customer from Oshkosh on 9.28.15

"It is all working well; I have no complaints. Whenever I call Drucks, and I call them often, they do a good job. Give them an A+ for me. Thanks!"

Happy Customer from Oshkosh on 9.14.15


"Everything is great.. It was good customer service; the guys were great. If anything else should go wrong around here, I'll be for sure giving you guys a call."

Happy Customer from Oshkosh on 9.1.15

"I must give a shout-out to Kevin who had the task of replacing two bathroom fans in my home a week ago Tuesday. It was a hot, humid day and it took him a while to problem-sove how to best do it. He kept me updates on his progress; left our home spotless; cleaned and replaced the fan parts; and even went up into our attic several times because he didn't like the sound of the fan. He was drenched and smiled through all of it. Very professional and very well done!"

Happy Customer from Appleton on 8.18.15 

"I explained to Kevin what was going on and he explained to me the pricing procedure that Drucks uses. Kevin found and fixed the electrical problem in one of our bedrooms which was actually happening in the adjoining bedroom with a short in one receptacle.  At the same time while Kevin was in the basement checking the breakers he found two other problems and also fixed them. While finishing up with the bill I asked Kevin about our smoke detectors and he explained to me that they have a life expectancy on them which we were totally unaware of.  When it comes time to have them replaced we will be calling Drucks. And we will also be signing up for the Drucks preventative program.  Well worth the money and our safety. I cannot say enough nice things about Kevin and Drucks and their professional treatment."

Happy Customer From Kaukauna on 7.31.15

“The gentleman was professional and very very quick. He said it could take 2 hours. He finished in probably just over an hour. He took the old Sump Pump and replaced it. Left no mess behind and was very patient with any questions that I had for him.”

Happy Customer From Appleton on 7.21.15

“This wasn't urgent but they did fit me in the next day. The office called when the tech was headed to my house so I could meet him there. The problem was fully explained and the work was done quickly. I will be using them again in the future.”

Happy Customer From Appleton on 7.3.15

“Drucks was on time as promised. He took care of all of the permits and talking with Menasha Utilities. In a day he had completed the job and cleaned up beautifully. My house is an old house and required extra work, including a pole on the roof to raise the wiring up to code. Drucks did exactly what they told me they would do and in a timely and professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing their type of services.”

Happy Customer From Menasha on 7.9.15

"Great service from Drucks for our home's plumbing (which included 6 new basement shut-offs and a new basement bathroom drain) on 4-28-15. Troy patiently explained the process involved and gave us tips on the hot water system, answering many questions we've had. He did an outstanding job and we will now rely on Drucks for our future plumbing service! Thanks again to everyone from the electrical to the HVAC technicians who took care of us in an emergency on 3-10-15. We really appreciate it!"

Happy Customer from Appleton

"We love it, Kevin did such an amazing job.  He was so polite, neat and clean (looked as though he was never there), and very helpful.  He specifically went on a search for the bulb we needed for our fan/light, when he discovered it wasn't dimmer equipped, which is what we had wanted.   The rooms look amazing, we can finally see at night! Thank you!!!"

Happy Customer from Appleton

"We want to thank you and Drucks again and let you know we were able to get a refund from Home Depot to help cover the cost for Drucks service on 3-10-15. Because you sent the paid invoice copies to us right away we were able to forward them to the Customer Care Dept. at Home Depot's Crew 2 (the carpet installers). They responded to us because of the timely evidence we had to back up our claim. Also, please let our technicians know that the electrical system and the furnace have been operating perfectly since they came on 3-10-15! We can't say enough good things about Drucks!"

Happy Customer from Appleton  

“I have used them in the past. I bought a water heater and they replaced it. They were very quick and responded well. They took care of the problem immediately. The price was comparable.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mrs. K Blascyzk

“They did some work on our furnace. They people were great, very professional. We have signed up with them for their annual inspection and maintenance on the furnace, AC, plumbing, and electrical in our home.”  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mr. R Erdman

“They were very good and their price was very reasonable. They were prompt, walked us through everything, and did a good job. They were here on time and worked until they got done. If they did not do good work, I would let you know.”

      Mrs. D Gutzman

“We have used Drucks Sudden Service a few times. They arrived on time and accomplished the work in a timely manner and left a lot of good follow up information, they also showed me how to stop a recurrence of the plumbing issue. Their prices are reasonable.”

  Mr. W Anderson

"Thank you so much for coming to my rescue last Monday when my sump pump died. I would have had a horrible mess and been up all night bailing water - and to no avail! A special thanks to the wonderful woman who did the scheduling and changed it twice to get someone out within 45 minutes! I can't thank you enough. I have thanked God over and over for each of you. You can be sure I will continue to tell others of the fantastic job you did and the extra mile you go to help someone in need!"                                                                                               

Mrs. S Snow

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For the best plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical services in the Outagamie and Winnebago counties, call Drucks today!

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