4 Winter Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

November 28, 2016


With winter right around the corner, it’s time to run through the fall checklist of things you’ve been putting off all summer. With the main focus on Sunday football and Cyber Monday deals, be sure to pencil in a routine maintenance check for your home before it’s too late. Stay on top of the changing seasons and protect your home against costly repairs in the winter months by following these 4 Drucks Winter Maintenance Tips.

  1. Disconnect and drain your hoses! Any water left in a hose that is exposed to the elements can freeze and cause the hose to break. Simply disconnect any hoses from your exterior water values and store them in a safe place for the winter. This will extend the life of the hoses and could possibly prevent damage to the interior piping of your home.
  2. Inspect the hose bib! Be sure to properly turn off your hose bib to prevent water in the supply line from freezing. Check for any damage that could result in pipes bursting in the cold weather. To view a video of how to properly turn off your hose bib, click here.
  3. Schedule a heating system inspection & tune-up! Just like a car, your home’s heating system requires regular maintenance. This ensures that your equipment is in safe working condition and achieving its manufacturer-rated efficiency. Make an appointment with Drucks to have your home heating system checked and tuned-up for the winter season!
  4. Seal drafts and add insulation! Find and seal any leaks to reduce cold air penetration around doors and windows. Add or replace worn weather stripping or caulk to keep moisture and cold air outside where they belong. You can always have a Home Energy Audit done on your home to assess any improvements that can be made to increase energy efficiency and save you money in the long haul.

By getting on top of your home’s seasonal maintenance checklist, you can save yourself a headache and your hard earned money in the later months. If you run across any problems during your inspection that require a professional, Drucks is available for the job! For Drucks Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical coupons click here. For expert electrical serviceplumbing,  HVAC, and more, call Drucks at (920) 722-2642. Stay connected with us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+ for more useful information and advice for your home.

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