4 Tips to Avoid a Halloween Electrical Disaster

October 26, 2016

Being the house that hands out the full-sized candy bars might not be enough anymore. With Halloween retail spending projected to be almost $8.5 billion this year, Halloween has now become the second biggest decorating holiday after Christmas! Over 50% of homeowners who celebrate Halloween can be counted on to deck out their houses with blow-up spiders, strobe lights, and ghoulish sound effects. However, it is important to be aware of the electrical risks of so many shocking decorations! Keep your home and family safe by following these 4 Drucks Tips to avoiding an electrical disaster this Halloween!

  1. Start by conducting an inspection of your decorations before setting them outside. Look for any frayed wires or damaged plugs. Decorations are very reasonably priced- replace anything that is broken, it’s not worth a fire-hazard.
  2. Double-check that all of your decorations and extension cords are meant for outdoor use. This will be indicated by a red UL mark to verify that it has been outdoor weather tested. If this mark is green, then the decorations are intended to only be used indoors. This is important when avoiding electrical damages during any wet weather!
  3. Now it’s time to plan your scary set-up. Keep the trick-or-treater traffic flow in your mind when placing your decorations to avoid any trips or falls. Also inform your lawn care of any hidden extension cords in the grass to dodge damages. DO NOT staple or nail through any electrical cords when hanging your decorations!
  4. Even with the increased use of LED lighting, still be sure not to overload your outlets by exceeding the maximum load your cords are capable of. We recommend using GFCI outlet boxes that will shut off the electrical flow if it detects the current flowing through an unintended path. If your GFCI trips repeatedly, call a Drucks electrician to take a look.

Halloween decorations can be a great way to show your neighbors your ghostly spirit. Keep your home and trick-or-treating guests safe by following these 4 easy safety tips. Happy Halloween!


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