Places to put Outlets you wouldn’t normally think about.

August 12, 2016

Outlet Placement

Are you building a new home or remodeling your current home. Make sure you really think about where you want to have outlets to make your home as convenient and user friendly as possible.

Some ideas you may not have thought of…

  1. Near the fireplace mantle, banisters, and under the eaves of the house for seasonal decorations.
    • Maybe even have some of these connected to a switch for easy operation.
  2. Inside cabinets to plug in small appliances or to minimize clutter when charging devices.
  3. On the floor in the middle of large rooms so that cords don’t have to run from the wall.
  4. On your deck or patio for outdoor living.
  5. Under the upper cabinets in your kitchen to keep it simple when using kitchen appliances.
  6. Next to your bed for easy access for charging and for lamps.
  7. If you have a hot tub or pool put one in your yard to power the pump.
  8. Put more than you might think is necessary in your garage. This will be handy when working on projects with power tools and also if you are hosting a party where you will be serving food. Also consider if you will be having something like a fridge or welder out there as these may require a different type of outlet.
  9. In your kitchen island. This is most likely the main workspace in your kitchen and you want to be able to plug in all of your mixers, blenders, and crock pots.
  10. Before you move in or finish the remodel try to decide where you would like certain things to go in your home and make sure that you will be able to plug them in once they are there.


Some other creative ideas…

  1. Install outlets that also have USB ports for charging.
  2. Use recessed outlets behind furniture to make it easier to plug things in.
  3. Consider putting outlets up higher in areas where you don’t want cords hanging on the floor.


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