A few tips to maintain your home cooling system

June 19, 2017

Failure to plan is planning to fail. For your home’s sake, that means lack of maintenance leads to large repairs. Do not suffer in the summer from the air conditioning not working simply because you skipped maintenance on critical parts of your home’s system. The best time for air conditioner maintenance is after the outdoor air temperature is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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A Water drip can cause a lot of damage

June 2, 2017
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The benefits of a well-maintained A/C System

May 2, 2017
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Air quality! There’s more to it than you know.

April 10, 2017
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When to Replace Your Sump Pump (before it’s too late!)

February 22, 2017

sumpump                 Melting snow and spring rains can mean disaster for a home with a malfunctioning sump pump. As the primary line of defense against a flooded basement, homeowners need to keep an eye on their sump pumps to be sure they’re working properly. Your sump pump functions to remove excess water from your basement or crawl space by redirecting it out of your house. When the sump pit fills with too much water, the pressure sensor or float switch will trigger the pump to begin pumping the water out, using a rotating part called an impeller. Then you can rest easy knowing your home is safe and dry!

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4 Money-Saving Plumbing Resolutions for the New Year

January 3, 2017
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4 Winter Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

November 28, 2016
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4 Tips to Avoid a Halloween Electrical Disaster

October 25, 2016

Being the house that hands out the full-sized candy bars might not be enough anymore. With Halloween retail spending projected to be almost $8.5 billion this year, Halloween has now become the second biggest decorating holiday after Christmas! Over 50% of homeowners who celebrate Halloween can be counted on to deck out their houses with blow-up spiders, strobe lights, and ghoulish sound effects. However, it is important to be aware of the electrical risks of so many shocking decorations! Keep your home and family safe by following these 4 Drucks Tips to avoiding an electrical disaster this Halloween!

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Places to put Outlets you wouldn’t normally think about.

August 12, 2016
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Your Running Toilet is Draining Your Bank Account

June 13, 2016
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